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Selena Cobb Flowers

HE Will Light Your Path,
The Journey is Yours to Travel
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What’s Different About The Light?

The Light, a unique tale of the path of a young woman destined to be a soldier of God, but not in the usual sense. The novel presents an interesting take on what it means to fight for the souls who have lost their way in the world today. The sacrifices that one must make to participate in the eternal struggle between the Darkness, who actively leads people astray, and the Light, Who strives to lead only by example and never to trick or leverage people to choose Him. The book, “The Light” addresses a difficult subject from a unique Spiritual perspective.


How Much Will This Cost?


How much will it cost you to remain where you are at now? Consider everything you’ll forgo if you don’t make a change. That is the real cost of this opportunity. What would be the worst part about staying where you are now? What experiences will you miss? Which relationships will be affected? There is so much to consider. I can help you out and help you up. Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about your goals. Apply today. I look forward to meeting you!

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How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

Awake To Do One Kind Act Every Day
Awake and Focus on Being Non-Judgmental Every Day
Awake and Remember Patience, our Journeys Take Time
Daily Steps

Meet the Author


It’s Easy to Fall of the Wagon; however, it’s just as easy to arise and continue to walk the path paved for me. There was a time where my decisions were based upon how they impacted another party. I settled instead of becoming non-negotiable regarding my life I visioned for myself. I believe, but I wavered thinking of others instead of my faith in God.


You know we tend to let others define who we are. The lack of belief in ourselves could be due to authority, education, achievements or what someone else thinks about us.

Has there ever been a time in your life you felt unworthy, not smart enough, and that you didn’t measure up? Has your mind deceived you? Have you ever changed your stance because of the perceived value of what someone else thought about you or rumored of you? You are worthy, born for a purpose and only God’s thoughts about you are valid. Continue to travel; HE will Light Your Path; The Journey is yours.

As a result of my time and effort, others will learn to hear God’s calling in their lives. And elevate their quality of living according to their priorities. Who do you know?

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“Found “The Light” to be an insightful and thought-provoking read. With strong and positive messages of faith and determination”
Austin Macauley
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