Distractions: Good For You?


Are distractions palatable? Are they right for you? If you resort to prayer for all things, distractions are most helpful. Redirect your energy negating the urge to meddle with God’s work. After you convey your thoughts and perspective, He’s quite capable of handling the situation. However, our impatience manifests. Our sound, thoughtful intentions compound and weigh us down.

Eventually, we derail or alter God’s work. Sure, He can fix it! Yet, He has blessed you with gifts and talents to help you succeed and grow, not to impede your progress.

Distractions can present themselves in any form. For example, you love music. As a child, you engaged in piano lessons. You attended classes on and off for years. You even purchased a piano. Convinced you’ll play again. Instead of meddling and helping God, why not redirect your energy into playing? Restore your mind, utilizing a distraction that’s healthy for you. And eliminate the concern feeding your impatience. God’s gifts are healthy distractions, allowing us to love life and help others in the process.

You always wanted to try painting, why not paint? If you’re a social butterfly, which is a gift; why not volunteer? Bless others with your beautiful heart. Dancing is good for the soul. Exercising and yoga are good for the mind and body. If you’re a creator – create. If you love to help others in a specific area – do that. Enhancing your innate, gifted ability is all apart of a master plan unique to you.

So you talked to God on Monday, and now you’re reminding Him that’s it’s Thursday! I think He knows that already!

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:7.”

From my experience, choose healthy distractions. Pray and Live.

Blessings, Selena Cobb-Flowers

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