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Imagine a life without our worries, stress, anxiety, procrastination, etc. Whatever causes the heaviness in your life, what if you could let it all go? What would that feel like? Close your eyes and just imagine that experience for one moment. It is wonderful, right?

What if you could have those small spurts of moments throughout your day? What if you could have them for an hour, a few hours a day? What if this could be your life often, where you replace the things that drain you with moments of fulfillment, exploration, and happiness?

This journey is possible. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Also, as with anything else, you have to use your willpower to progress. The more effort and time you place into improving and infusing this thought into action, the more results you’ll see. At first, you may notice subtle changes – some quite faint, others observed as very strong. It depends on the circumstances occurring within your life. Self-awareness creeps in and drives you to see. Your conscience reminds you more often. Your intuition speaks – listen to it.

Imagine all the weight you feel with the stressors listed above and possibly any of the following: desire, anger, delusion, greed, envy, sloth, judgment, and many others. It’s hard to carry this around with you every day, all day.  Also, it can be traumatizing to be on the receiving end. Imagine toting this around in bags. Sometimes, when we are carrying large bags, they’re so heavy that we drop them. The difference here is that we don’t perceive these things as a source of negative energy. The common perception is that these stressors are our best friends. The substance has been with you through thick and thin. The tension has comforted you when no one else was around. This darkness has enabled your behavior and supported you. And most of this desire understands you—it’s there for you. Even though it’s dragging you down, you’re comfortable with it. It’s the stimulus you know. You can always depend on it being around.

I seek God and turn this habit over to him because it’s out of my control. He takes over now, and I’m lighter and more productive. Train your brain to recognize the unpleasant stressors in your life, and drop the bags.


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