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Keep Believing – Don’t Think


Did you feel you’re always in a constant battle? According to Romans 7:14 – 22, we are. The state of human beings is often presented as a power in opposition to the Spirit.  This power is why mastering your emotions, just one day at a time or better yet, one moment at a time, is key.  Think about it. When you’re triggered to act negatively, do you consider the right way first? Or do you decide on the unsettling action simply because you have decided the negative reaction is the better approach? Maybe you’re trying to prove a point, which is pride. It’s hard because we are moved and shaped by what others think of us and by rumors circling. Pride keeps us in the downward spiral of the abyss. Although your prideful reaction is warranted, how cool is it to master it and rise above it? Now, that’s powerful.  Any habit takes the time to cultivate. Try distracting yourself with something you love to do. I used to plant trees. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of space.

I’ve been reflecting on a sermon I heard last week relating to the verse below. Some teachers are very gifted in articulating a message.  Different time and places also change your susceptibility to the message.

“The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?” Book of Proverbs.

I reflected on this verse over and over. Then, the words began resonating within me. “Resonated how?” you might ask.  I equated the crushed the spirit to the following character traits: worrier, passive-aggressive, self-conscious, anxious, stressed out, etc.

On the other hand, I saw endurance as blind faith.  No matter what happens, you will keep moving forward.  Also, your belief is so strong that even during turmoil you start every day aware of the possibilities that await you.

Before last week, I would pray to God that He remove me from my problems. That’s what I thought faith was.  However, that’s not always the solution or God’s intention.  There are times when His intention is not to move the mountain. Still, I prayed for what I wanted expecting that God would do as I pleased. When this happens, what will you do? Most of us would fold; if you do, that’s perfectly fine.  Retreat and hide away.  The negative self-talk has been triggered. You think nothing good could come of this situation.  This is the end. What did I do wrong?  Surely, this has to be my fault.  Why do I have to suffer?  We usually over-dramatize our own problems.

Let’s think about it for a moment.  What if, instead, His intention were to climb, go around, or move the mountain with you?  God joins you and meets you exactly where you are, providing the support and power you need to overcome your problems.  When that happens, the spirit can endure the situation.  The situation is no longer a strife.  You walk firmly through the storm until it blows over. I believe God is always interceding on our behalf regardless of our being unaware of it.

Whatever is meant for you, you will go through.  The train has left the station, and all you have to do is ride it until the doors open to something for you.  There’s no need to worry along the ride when you have the most powerful passenger traveling with you.  There are always small opportunities among the larger perceived opportunities.  Just keep walking and do your best to ignore the distractions along the way.

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