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Repeat – Until It Isn’t


It’s not that you acted out of character. A time presented itself, and you just fell off the wagon. You committed the effort to improve, progress, and become stronger. But during one precise moment, your defenses were down.

Being challenged in a group forum versus one-on-one will trigger different emotions. Confronted and surprised with reactions unfamiliar will trigger emotions.

We always say we have Faith and Belief. Actually, what are Faith and Belief? When it happens, trust me, you’ll know it. And the experience will be unlike any other etched into your memory and soul forever. You’ll never forget the moment or the event that triggered things into motion.

This piece of writing is probably one of the most influential blogs that I’ve written or will ever write. The experience will lead you down a road of events and experiences yet to come. Once you know, you can’t unknow.

We always hear when a family member, acquaintance, or friends of friends are sick, have been in a serious accident, etc., “Will you pray for us?” “Will you pray for me?” Our response, “Prayers going up, Blessings coming down.”  “Done.” “My prayers are with you.”  We see this over and over on social media. However, at that moment, deep within our soul and being, are we sure we have faith and belief or are we just on auto-pilot? Are we responding blindly?

That’s okay. In your lifetime, you’ll have a chance to test that theory.  For example, you’ve experienced a trauma of some kind, indirectly from another source. You are vulnerable to a degree so extensive that the only way out is to pray to God to handle the situation. The moment you pray, the exact second, God hears. And you leave the heaviness there with Him, knowing he will take care of it because He’s the only one who can.

Several hours later, you notice small subtleties occurring, which are opposite of what happened previously. The observation is like a whisper or a glance. You turn your attention to the happenstance, but quickly turn your attention away.

Your prayer results will be more obvious the next day. They will be on your face. You’re stunned; how can this be? You’re in awe. The unimaginable is what happens when God doesn’t need your help. Your impossible is what happens when you’re selfless, and you give of yourself. God responds with swiftness.

“If you can?” said Jesus.  “Everything is possible for one who believes.”  Mark 9:23

Having faith and belief seem like an easy thing to do, and it’s obtainable. If those acts were so easy, then why aren’t most of us doing it? Challenge your thoughts. We say we have faith and belief, but do we? Practice understanding, and repeat until it isn’t anymore.

Keep calm and focus on your future, because it’s waiting for you.


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