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The Window That Lies Within


Most of the time we live busy lives, the simple things are forgotten. For example, a gaze out of the window. A friend once shared with me an experience from his boss, who was a Colonel in the military. One day he was entrenched with work, the Colonel asked him to stop what he was doing that he needed to speak to him. He explained that he was on conference call troubleshooting an issue. The Colonel stated, “Tell them you’ll call them back.” My friend had a blank stare. The Colonel said, “Well?”

My friend hung up the phone and walked outside with The Colonel. He said, “You know I’ve seen a lot over the years. Every day, I come outside here and just stare at the trees and listen to the silence. This moment is what peace feels like.”

I enjoy hearing stories which enhance the quality of life. Therefore, I started spending time outside more and more. Gazing out the window looking for opportunities.

One day, I observed a tortoise. I was like, I lived here forever, and I’ve never seen one. I ran outside and soon as I got pretty close, the little thing retreated into its shell. I thought to myself, why is he or she going to toward the house, shouldn’t the explorer be headed toward the woods? So, I tried to direct their path back toward the woods. Later I saw the turtle finally make its way towards the road, where it was headed in the first place. The tortoise knew exactly where it wanted to go without my help.


Tortoises are very wise. They are great decision makers with a keen sense observation due to their great sight. Also, they are explorers and are loners. Tortoises make it across the road alone all the time without assistance from us. Slow, meticulous, and easy.

Sometimes human beings can be codependent. We can learn a lot from nature. Naturistic moments are when I’m able to focus and see what’s before me. Guided by mastering my emotions over ego, desire, anger, delusion, greed, envy and sloth. Some emotions are easier than others to focus on and some days are better than the others.

Utilize those quiet moments to understand the path you should travel. No one knows what’s best for you but you as the tortoise taught us. Engaging others for advice distracts you, produces doubt, which results in confusion. More importantly, you don’t know the root of emotion where the advice is coming from. Is the information coming from a trusted confidant or is it an energy that will work against you? There are those who think they know what’s best for you. However, we all have a purpose, special unique gifts that are innate. One must have a complete understanding to provide the necessary guidance. When you’re ready, God will provide the direction you desire.

“You will only know the road until you travel on it.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind


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