Hardcover, 186 pages


Published September 30th 2019 by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd


ISBN13 9781788480017


Edition Language English

The Light

  • by Selena Cobb-Flowers


    Does evil really exist? Do you struggle in your life, battling with the spirits of darkness? Do you even recognise the source of your struggles?

    The Light is the story of Kori Rollins, whose mother gave her the best gift of all, a gift which made her a formidable player in the battle between light and darkness. Kori accepted her mammoth task: to flush out the dark spirits and save the souls vulnerable to their darkness, a task almost beyond comprehension.

    This battle has been raging for thousands of years, since all of us were created. Selena Flowers skillfully depicts this battle and her protagonist’s journey through life and its twists of fate.